Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences


Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences

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Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences expands upon the concept of the original curriculum -- exploring issues of theology and ethics for Unitarian Universalists -- but using R-rated movies.  This curriculum can be used with high school age youth, young adults and older adults, but may not necessarily be suited for youth still in middle school.

Like all of the Popcorn Theology curricula, each session has a selected excerpt which lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes to allow for the one-hour RE format of most congregations, however, the entire movie can be shown in a longer format and used with additional suggested activities and discussion questions.

The movies featured and the topics of the sessions covered in
Popcorn Theology for Mature Audiences are:

      The Breakfast Club (the groups we belong to)
      Dogma (considering what we are called to do)
      The Wall (the walls we build to keep others out)
      Monty Python's The Life of Brian (finding the strength to act)
      The Butterfly Effect (how experiences shape our identities)
      Final Destination (the randomness and uncertainty of death)
      Meet Joe Black (appreciating life while living it)
      Flatliners (how forgiveness brings peace)
      Terminator 2 (does the ends justify the means)
      Blood Diamond (power imbalances)
      The Green Mile (justice and injustice)
      Interview with a Vampire (suffering as human experience)
      American Beauty (the subjective nature of beauty)
      The Matrix (reality as a matter of perspective)
      Last Temptation of Christ (idea of many truths)
      Amistad (complexities of conflict)
      Higher Learning (anti-oppression and bias)
      Children of Men (hope and optimism)

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