These videos and computer games were integrated into the summer camp curricula on Identity, Privilege & Oppression which will be available in December of 2018. In the meantime, they can be used to supplement current programs or for use in starting dialogue on identity, privilege & oppression. 

What is social class? it takes into account wealth (what you own minus what you owe), your education, occupation, status, power and worldview. whether or not we are consciously aware of a persons class, we take in information based upon where they live, how they dress and how much money they seem to have.

This video is a presentation of racial & ethnic identity development with concepts of white privilege and how this shapes our overall identity.

An exploration of the unfolding process of identity development, this video was created for a curriculum on youth and identity.

This animated video was created as part of a curriculum for youth on identity. It begins the introductory session with an exploration of what identity is and how it is shaped.